Modern Sourcing can help your business benefit from the opportunities in Vietnam sourcing. We can work towards finding the best solution sourcing at competitive price throughout the pre-production and the manufacturing process.

To develop ideas to real production, it takes you a lot of times and efforts

  • evaluate ideas,
  • develop drawing,
  • engineering charge,
  • prototyping,
  • tooling molding,
  • finding supplier who can really understanding your ideas,
  • price negotiation,
  • sample development,
  • production management,
  • quality control and loading container.
  • Our guarantee

    1. 24/7 services

    After getting your query, our purchasing person, who has been sourcing for 10 years, will source the right supplier for you from our many reliable supplier chain channels, and within few working days, we will offer you the best prices.


     You also get personalized and tailored services, such as OEM, ODM, packaging design, logo printing, and more. We will assist you to ensure that you purchase the right products at the best prices on the market.


    2. Design protection

    We understand you as an innovator, your design is what makes your business unique. Your template is the result of time and money investment. Therefore, we will strictly protect your idea, prototype, design,... etc so no one else can copy and make a profit out of it illegally. Modern Sourcing will make sure throughout the process your idea appearance will not be confiscated by any mean.


    Our protections exclusively prevent others from using your idea. No one else can manufacture, sell, import or hire a product that infringes your design protection.



    3. Confidential information

    Modern Sourcing guarantees that all information was given will not be taken into an advantage in any way. Privileged information is prohibited from loss, misuse, modification, or unauthorized access which might damage the privacy or welfare of a trade secret of a business depending on the level of sensitivity and nature of the information


    The knowledge that might result in loss of an advantage or level of security if will not in the public domain.


    4. Satisfy quality and services

    Every company has unique tastes and preferences. One of our side business is to understand and listen carefully to your true needs. Beware of your idea and get that to a successful sourcing practice is the main focus of the organization.


    To bring out your future success story, it is our responsibility to make throughout the process all of your requirements will deliver in a quick manner and efficient time.


    5. Market price

    To estimate the correct market price in a foreign was never an easy task. The market is also tricky and the prices are changed every second all according to demand and supply rate.


    However, as a local company with over 100 sustainable connections. We will give you the not closest but the best available price that matches the current market fluctuation.


    6. Consult what available in Vietnam

    Our 1 on 1 consulting service will help you understand the complex nature of the Vietnamese supplier market.


    Free database  !


    Throughout the consulting process, our agents would showcase you with several outstanding suggestions to help you step further to your decision.

We will work with small to large manufacturing to turn ideas to commercial product. Our team includes local and international quality control to ensure that your requirements are deliveries on time as fast reply. We understand that every customer’s business is different and comes with a set of strategy and challenges. You can take the relaxed time and focus on sales, we use our experienced and knowledge to assist you to make it happen.

To understand your projects 

It is important that we can have your as much technical detail as possible product or ideas to speed up the process. We are here to assist you in developing your requirements.



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