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Vietnam is one of the countries unprecedented and exponential economic growth and offering unique opportunities to companies who want to take part in the bloom. As costs begin to soar in China, companies are turning to Vietnam for their procurement needs.

With a strong and dedicated Viet Nam team who has sufficient local and western expertise, you are assured procurement excellent no matter what products you require. Modern Sourcing are helping you create long term business and sustainable value in the on going management of your business requirements to import from Vietnam or manufacturing in Vietnam.

Modern Sourcing help you source products in Vietnam and from different countries. It is made in variety material such as wood, mdf and plywood, resin, concrete/light cement, steel, cement, clay, fabric, bamboo, plastic, natural material  banana, waterhyacinth, rattan, seagrass and more.

1. Consulting development business in Vietnam

2. Sourcing available and develop new items from production manufacturer Vietnam

3.Qualified suppliers list base on customer requested

4. Quality control/inspection services and Audit suppliers services.

5. Improve current production in Vietnam for customers

6.Negotiation for customers

7. Private development label 

8.Management production and business 

9. Shipping and consolidate shipment for customers.

International business with local presence.

We are here to get you in market in the best.











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