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Vietnam is one of the countries unprecedented and exponential economic growth and offering unique opportunities to companies who want to take part in the bloom. As costs begin to soar in China, companies are turning to Vietnam for their procurement needs.

With a strong and dedicated Viet Nam team who has sufficient local and western expertise, you are assured procurement excellent no matter what products you require. Modern Sourcing are helping you create long term business and sustainable value in the on going management of your business requirements to import from Vietnam or manufacturing in Vietnam.

Modern Sourcing help you source products in Vietnam and Cambodia. It is made in variety material such as Teak wood, Acacia wood, Eucalyptus wood, mdf and plywood, PLA plastic, plastic instrustion, poly resin, concrete/light weight cement, steel powder coating,Terrazo,  Stainless steel, bamboo, plastic, natural material  banana, waterhyacinth,rattan, seagrass, plastic wicker and rope non woven , pp woven fabric and more.

WE make you full in supply chain 


1 Consulting

  • Consulting development business in Vietnam (we find out what you need, what you want and what are your expectations) - Private development label

It is important to know for us to know you not just as a customer but the true you. Your true needs, your true expectations, and your true desires are the key elements to make the sourcing process fast and successful.


Please feel free to get in touch with us. Our sourcing agent will help you find the best-matched supplier in the most efficient time.


If you already had product suppliers in Vietnam. That is no problem, Modern sourcing can even find a better deal with better the quality for you based on your true need.


2 Sourcing

  • Sourcing available and develop new items from production manufacturer Vietnam. Audit supplier's services.

As soon as we understand your requirements. Our agent will search through a hundred or even a thousand manufacturers in Viet Nam just to find the right product for your business purpose.


Modern Sourcing Viet Nam not just do factory research but we also suggest new development for the factory. In order not just to fit our customers but to fit even better and more accurate base on your desire. 


3 Qualify / Negotiate supplier

  • Qualified suppliers list base on customer requested
  • Quality control/inspection services and

Good products start from the labor force and the machinery itself. Therefore, we understand the importance of factory audits.


Our Agent will audit the factory and make sure it matches every criterion on your list so you can be more confident to further your trading.


As you are satisfied with your manufacturer. Modern Sourcing will start the negotiation process and stay with you until both sides agree on the cost of the deal.


Every deal must come at a reasonable price. We make sure a good manufacturer comes with a good deal and a good price


4 (Follow up) Sample development

  • Qualify sample development 
  • Justified prototype base on initial request from customers

During the process of developing prototypes, our agent will strictly manage and tracking the production chain in general and the sample itself in specific.


Prototypes must follow the agreement in design and all the criteria that have both sides have agreed on initially.


5 Manage production

  • Successful bring out samples to real production and get ready for abroad Shipping

Our officer will make sure the real product must match the successful product’s prototype.


The production line and the finished sample will be ready on time and on quality, ready for exporting in a designated day.


 6 quality control final


Inline inspection when production occur.

  • Final examination before handling shipping

To bring out the best product, every step is further supervised and carefully examined.


Before the final step of shipping out your cargo, our team will carefully inspect every inch of the ultimate product. Any flaw that is detected will be reconsidered immediately and no question asked.


7 Shipping

  • When both sides agree on the exporting day and the deal


We will handle the exporting paper, shipment method, and everything else. Your cargos should go in the most efficient time to your assigned destination.



We handle whole complicated process for you just focus on selling products.



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